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Kalamazoo Metro Transit 10-Year Service Vision Plan

Assisted with materials review and stakeholder interviews. Provided input on recommendations for service improvements and strategies for implementing the vision plan.

Central Corridor Access Study, St. Louis, MO 

Responsible for transit existing conditions, transit market definition, capture rates and feeder bus planning. Assisted with agency coordination, ridership projections and funding issues.

Transit Oriented Development Studies, St. Louis, MO

Assisted with transit planning and development scenarios for transit stations in the metropolitan region

North Side Transfer Zone, CityLink, Peoria, IL

Assisted CityLink in a location analysis of a possible new transit center and/or super stops in the northern part of the city. This included alternatives development, operations planning, a customer survey and public involvement.

Downtown Multimodal Access Study, St. Louis, MO

This study evaluated a range of transportation options involving several different modes of travel. The study examined multi-modal connectivity into and throughout downtown.

Northside/Southside Major Transit Improvements Study, St. Louis, Missouri.

Involved in community engagement, alternatives development and evaluation. He was also responsible for formulating the feeder bus network for the study.

Delmar Loop Trolley, St. Louis, MO

A preliminary engineering study along Delmar Blvd. from Trinity Ave. to DeBaliviere Ave., and then south along DeBaliviere to the Missouri History Museum. Responsible for transit existing conditions, alternatives development, bus operating plans and evaluation
Comprehensive Access, Traffic, Operations & Management Plan for Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri

The services analyzed include existing conditions/issues, and recommend creative and innovative solutions across all modes of circulation within the park. The intent of this project is to provide a comprehensive study that looks at all modes of transportation; i.e., transit, bicycles, pedestrians, and automobiles
Comprehensive Operational Analysis -Peoria, IL

Recommend route changes designed to improve service efficiency, apply resources where they are most needed, and modernize the route network based upon current and projected conditions within the service area. The COA provided short range direction in terms of service expansion, equipment requirements, and facility needs.